The software assumes you butt your track pieces together with no gaps at all. You have been provided technical answers.

Can my idea be built in the space I have? When tagging track sections that are connected to sections that are placed in a hidden layer, these hidden layers became visible, so that you won't manipulate or delete them by mistake. These line-styles are available for the outlines of elements, for slope- and clearance-Lines as well as for running-wires.

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Your program should not care in the least which make of flex track you use, except perhaps to get a final count of pieces needed - some makes are sold in meter lengths, some are sold in yard lengths. If not, how accurate will you be in locating reference points and measuring from them to position your track? Sometimes you can beat the system. Turnouts of different makes are pretty similar in the distance from beginning of points to end of frog for a given frog. That has real world implications when you actually build the layout.

Which ends up changing spur and siding locations down the road. Model Railroader Newsletter See all. While it can show you the length of a passing siding, it can't make them all the required minimum length. Member since January, posts. Offcuts will be taken into account.

Both books are great investments. Offcuts shorter than a certain length you specified will not be used except for gaps that are shorter than this minimum length. If yes, how accurate is the software at scaling up to full size, and how accurately will the printer driver translate that to your paper? It can't tell you if your yard lead is too short for your arrival, departure, and yard tracks.

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Drawing by the squares comes second. This is especially true if you are willing to cut off some or all of the unneeded sections of turnouts during actual construction.

You can switch to the open source free XtrkCad which has volunteers continuously updating and adding to the libraries. One of the points made is that very seldom do you know ultimate structure sizes during the planning phases.

Agreed, having accurate libraries is important - to a point. The measurements from which the software representation of the turnout is derived will have inaccuracies in some cases. The length of curved flex section will be the length of the outer longer rail. So if you have a program with the Peco library may be it watch the Fastrack ones in Nscale. All dialogue-boxes remember the last position on the screen when opened next time.

Should you just plan the basic course of the main, and worry about spurs later on during construction? How accurately will you tape the many multiple pieces of paper together?

It's a quick worthwhile read that I can illustrate from the files of the XtrkCad Yahoo users group. You said this is your first layout. It works exactly like the Arrow tool, but using the new tool you avoid moving elements by mistake when you only want to edit their properties. You will gain nothing actually lose functionality with RightTrack.

It can't check for proper horizontal and vertical clearances. Fred - something to consider. You do not need to know the precise dimensions of all the pieces of track.

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The points where running-wires are connected to masts and span-bridges can be edited, created and deleted within WinRail using a new tool. Upgrades Upgrades from previous versions of WinRail may be ordered online through our secure online ordering page, or directly by phone, all video to 3gp converter fax or letter from Span Software. The list of required material can be sorted by layer now if you'd like to know how much material you need for a certain layer. So you don't have to run the parts-compiler for this task anymore. In the system-dialogue this feature may be switched off.

How much mismatch are you willing to tolerate during construction? We now have a new Tag-only arrow tool, that only tags elements, but doesn't move them. You always have to tinker a bit when laying down the tracks.

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You can try Xtrcad, which is also a free software. Alex You have been provided technical answers. The same applies for Fast Tracks turnouts. Order Ascending Order Descending.

How accurate the software has to be is determined by how you use it. Most of my drawings are made on a sheet of paper.

It's never going to fit exactly like it did in the computer even if you have all the libraries. The software can't do a whole lot more. And I need the turnouts of Fast Tracks too.

Now these layers will become invisible again once you choose another tool or tag another element. The software can't tell you whether you have allowed enough room for scenery between tracks.

You may use the Edit-Replace command on the Home-tab for this task. Model Railroader Video Plus.