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6600 Series

You can quickly install Tally. Reference Manual of Tally. View All Release Notes for Tally. You can down- load the manuals from our internet page.

Watch this video to learn how to easily upgrade to the latest of Release of Tally. The corresponding sequences are marked by a.

6600 Series

Ethernet Interface User guide Interfaces Ethernet interface The Ethernet interface affords the printer to connect to local area networks. To export your returns in the Excel format.

Automatic cut sheet feeder, The automatic sheet feeder is suitable for single sheets. Put the printer into Test mode by pressing the key Online while switching on the printer. The printout of tax invoice recorded in Tally.

The cable shield must be con- interface nected to the connector shield on both ends. This definition remains until the printer is switched off. Selecting Interface interf. Contact your dealer if the setting is incorrect.

6800 Series

Align and insert the cassette into the guides on the left and right, then press down until it clicks into place. AutoTear When auto view is switched on, the last printed text is visible. Paper Basket Options and accessories User guide Paper basket Paper basket for pedestal to create proper output paper stacks.

The standard parallel interface is able to transfer data at a speed of max. This is a flexibility provided for ease of use to accommodate your business needs. How Are Escape Sequences Used User guide Emulations How are escape Escape sequences are transmitted to the printer by your computer software via the printer driver. To do this, check the type plate voltage above the power inlet at the back of the printer. These character sets can be used according to the selected emulation.

It also checks ribbon cassette during the execution of a print job the operativeness of the rib- bon cassette. Menu Parameters User guide The Menu Menu parameters The following section introduces and explains all the possible menu settings. Each format in between can be set.

It is advisable to clean the inside of the printer from time to time with a vacuum cleaner. Professional Tax Statement.

Other payments made to the authorities, such as interest and penalty, can also be recorded using this voucher. Cleaning The Upper Friction Care and maintenance User guide Cleaning the upper friction Clean the rollers of the upper friction as neces- sary with a mild cleaning agent and a soft, lint- free cloth. Printer Drivers User guide Printer drivers Printer drivers You need to install a printer driver so that the printer can process the data from your application programs.

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We reserve the right to make changes to this manual without notice. Sales and purchase ledgers. Emulations User guide Emulations Emulations General When a printer understands the control set written for another printer type, ayesha takia hot wallpaper it is said to emulate the other printer.

Tear Online Make sure that the printer is in online mode. This is useful to prevent the printer from printing on the platen, for example, because of an incor- rect driver setting. Advanced Settings Advanced menu User guide Advanced settings In the advanced menu, there are other settings available besides the test functions. Ethernet Interface eth-int User guide The Menu Ethernet interface In this parameter group you can choose settings for the internal Ethernet interface. You can apply additional charges in an invoice using these ledgers and include the value of these ledger to calculate tax.

If you press the Online key without having changed the paper, another line is printed until reaching the measured paper-end position. En- Testmode sure that paper is inserted. The Menu User guide Selecting interface Interf. Troubleshooting User guide Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Many of the faults and problems which may occur while using the printer are minor problems which you can solve yourself.

Statutory & Taxation


The characters are processed in this buffer. Open the packaging, take out the accessory cas- sette and unpack it. Insert the fanfold paper into the right-hand trac- tor. Make sure that the paper form is inserted straight in order to avoid any paper jam.

The Control Panel User guide The control panel The control panel The control panel keys are used for controlling your work with the printer. In- sert the fanfold paper into the right-hand trac- tor. Many paper qualities are suitable for this printer. The printer driver will now be installed. Advanced Features in Tally.

Tally T2265plus User Manual

It affects only the print speed of graphic printouts at x dpi. To file monthly returns for inward supplies. Setting the print head The printer features automatic print head gap adjustment to the thickness of the paper used.

Move the print head carriage back and forth sever- al times. Insert the coloured ribbon tension knob into the right-hand front location of the new ribbon casset- te. You can do the following to automate the calculation. Watch this video to learn who to use Tally. When a printer understands the control set written for another printer type, it is said to emulate the other printer.

Optional Serial Interface V. The report gives you complete information of the transactions included in the returns, put on hold corrections required and excluded from returns. Income and expense ledgers. Acces may be disabled by the manufacturer see note below.