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Samsung PC Studio For Windows 10 8 7 Free Download

The ability to back up and update your phone is handy, and the integration for calendars, contacts, and music or photo files is handy. This program gives you more than iTunes can.

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Review One user on Cnet calls this software really convenient for managing iPhone files on pc. Summary Good tool, just what I want. It is best for developing apps and testing them. It can send texts and links, manage notifications and enable you to chat using your pc. It is a popular software that is used by iPhone users to transfer and manage files via pc.

Pros Does what it says it does Cons None so far. Pros The software itself works fine if you're computer doesn't catch the trojan.

Review Softpedia considers it a good choice for less tech savvy users. Features may differ depending on connected mobile device. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating.

They need fix this to keep up with todays technology. It is best for playing games and accessing the Android file system on the phone.

Not only the data transfer but synchronizing of the phone, backup of your phone with all applications and stored data will be possible by using this tool. Review The Cnet review says it is an useful program for iPhone users to manage convert and transfer data between phone and pc. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Softpedia editor prefers the software for its lightweight system and considers it a good program to manage your phone.

We can easily transfer mobile data to our pcs, laptop or computer to mobile easily. Works with all different Android versions Program controls are easy to understand and use Cons You need to download Virtualbox to run this which in itself is a large download.

Softonic finds the program to offer great emulator experience. If I could have used it, it would have made the Nokia more accessible and useful to me - I think. It is also able to root and recover your device. You can backup, restore, transfer and install and uninstall apps using this.

The file conversion feature is a added benefit. Grab your stuff while you still can. Your computer and mobile device must be on the same Wi-Fi network.

In a review at Pcworld, it says the program is good for phone management through pc. Yianni is a mobile communications expert and author of this help library article. To start the set up, click Next.

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You can view the files according to a timeline. All settings of Android can be accessed. Good tool, just what I want. Please leave him feedback below about the page. Summary wasn't able to use it because Norton killed it because it contained a virus.

Samsung PC Suite

LG Help Library LG PC SUITE - Download & How to Use

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It synchronized my nokia phone. It is able to data sync, browse files and control notifications.

You got important stuff on your phone, like photos, calendars, images, videos, maps, and other things. Though you can use many other software and tools available online, for the Samsung phone, it would be nice and secure to use the official tool released by the officials of Samsung.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Review A software reviewer on Findmysoft feels it provides realistic Android phone experience on the computer without any problems. We access information, buy products, communicate, pocketmac for blackberry play and entertain ourselves using our Android or Apple devices.

Update the software in your device. It also runs apps on your pc.

You can manage, update, and back up your devices all in one place. Softpedia considers it a good choice for less tech savvy users. Synchronizing of the data is really important and nice tool to make your data easy to transfer and easy to use. It can be used to sync and manage data between your pc and phone.

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