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How Google Maps for BlackBerry Devices Works

Originally Posted by akosnitzky. Go to Google Maps and enter your mobile phone number. Many companies offer an unlimited monthly data plan, and that may be the cheapest way to go if you access the Internet frequently from your BlackBerry.

You could try a battery pull and see what happens. Posted via BlackBerryForums.

Also, for anyone else reading, I initially thought maybe Dubai isn't one of the supported countries, but I started bbmaps and searched, and there is info for Dubai. Select your device and location. Originally Posted by Mandel As far as I know, neither one is really meant yet? With this less accurate triangulation it would show up as a big circle around your possible area.

And you don't need to download anything beyond just Google Maps to use this feature. Originally Posted by Matrix Leader.

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There's only like two data sources, I believe, and I don't know of any difference in the age of data. When the Enterprise edition is updated several times a year, the administrator will send these upgrades directly to your BlackBerry.

Google Maps v4.5.1

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As far as I know, neither one is really meant yet? But just curious, is it a difference in the amount of information or detail that is provided, or is it actually a matter of inaccuracy of information or details that are shown in both apps? You must download the item to review it. So if you want to find the nearest coffee shop, you don't need to start by entering your current address. Google will send a link to use for downloading.

But your example does sound like bbmaps isn't using up to date road data for your location. Keep reading to find out more about its features.

Choose your device specification. Unsupported Operating System.

You'll be able to search for locations or directions and see search results, maps and satellite images as they would appear on your BlackBerry's screen. When it comes to navigation software I was wondering which you prefer - Google Maps or Blackberry Maps? It's compatible with any BlackBerry model with a color display, starting with model and including the current BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and models.

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Frequent, intense or graphic cartoon, fantasy, or realistic violence. In fact, Google will do a test first to make sure your BlackBerry model is compatible with Google Maps before trying to go forward with the installation. Download Google Maps on a BlackBerry. My opinion is try both, and some others, and find what works for you.

You have already submitted a review for this item. For what it worth, google maps, an earlier version a long time ago did this to me. Yes it should refresh and stay in middle.

Please ensure all fields are entered correctly. Matrix, Midnight explained it well. Personally, the most recent Google maps has locked up on some users so there is sometimes a lag. Contact Us - BlackBerryForums.

Originally Posted by trax in google maps, if you scroll away from center, the screen will remain in that position. The more mobile towers and cells in the area, the more accurate the estimation of your location will be. Your review has been submitted. Originally Posted by Cooper. It seems to be faster and easier to use.

Maybe you'd like to try an interactive demo before you download Google Maps. Originally Posted by Matrix Leader What's that? The map should refresh as you move, just as you are thinking.

The reason for me is it is simple and fast. If you want to know more about installing the Enterprise edition for your company as a whole, visit the Google Maps Web site. It isn't pretty, doesn't have all the features, but if you want to know where you are and where to turn next, it can't be beat, in my opinion.

On your BlackBerry, you can get directions, check traffic and send e-mails. But I haven't used google in a long time. Mobile towers have individual coverage areas called cells. Instead, your company's information technology administrator will install the application remotely to your BlackBerry.

Note that while Google Maps software is free, you may incur data charges in using it to access maps. If your company offers the BlackBerry Enterprise edition of Google Maps, eboostr you'll be able to use all of its features without downloading directly to your corporate BlackBerry device. Google Maps or Blackberry Maps. There is an issue with BlackBerry World. Share a link to this item with your friends and show them how they can personalize their BlackBerry smartphones.

Once you have Google Maps downloaded onto your BlackBerry, you'll want to start using it. Originally Posted by aiharkness Ok. Please ensure that all fields are entered correctly.