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You can hold the button down as long as you like to keep the stream flowing. Simply get its attention, run back through the gate you use to exit and re-enter the room, then flip the switch when it attempts to follow you through. It can be placed in the doorway nearby to unlock it. Its levels are a mix of awesome and awful, with most falling somewhere in between. You can enter the goblin-infested mines near here, but as you do so, take a left and walk into the small hole in the wall.

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You can sneak past some combat, or directly engage the enemy. If you want to have an easier route through this fight, feel free to try heading back down below decks towards the ballistas that originally covered your advance to the ship. Your goal now is to walk along the suspended stone walkway, then sprint and jump across the gap towards the gate on the far side.

Kicking the soldiers into the water will instantly kill them. Open the door with the chain attached to it and head down to reach the next part of the chapter. The Bow of the Disciple will be sitting by the throne itself, so be sure to grab that if you like arching stuff. Fight your way past the next couple of goblins, but get your rope bow out before proceeding.

The watery pit that you land in is full of zombies, but has no obvious secrets in it. Jumping up into the tunnel above will give you access to a secret area with some scrolls and potions.

This is a free no mana cost ability that can be used to pierce the veil of darkness around you, allowing you to see at night and in gloomy surroundings. Plainly speaking, Dark Messiah is a hour game that should have been shaved down to six because the truly worthwhile game sequences are buried by all the fluff in-between. Game Informer, in particular, movies theme music praised Dark Messiah for the sheer fun factor and beautiful graphics. Tribes of the East the dragon in Dark messiah does resemble a pao kai but it is still uncertain as to what the dragon really is. Or you can just rush headlong into violent melee combat armed with the mightiest right foot in gaming history.


Sure wish she had filled you in on whatever shortcut she had routed out before you had to fight your way through the legion of undead that blocked your path down here. Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! One of the things that game in particular was known for was its innovative use of physics, with such craziness as the Gravity Gun letting everyone fling around sawblades with abandon.

When you reach the coast, approach your followers to get a boat ride back to Stonehelm. If the bridge leading onwards has been cut, find the stone path around the canyon and use your Rope Bow to move up. The three torches here will mark the furthest that the giant spider will travel.

When you see the two small goblins attempting to flee from you into the wall, wait a few seconds and the mighty Cyclops will appear. List of Might and Magic titles. Magic spells can be used to damage the enemy, heal the player, or serve a number of utility purposes.

This will power up the temple again and theoretically allow Leanna to do her thing and get the Skull you need. The poison that these guys hit you with is insanely damage, so the best bet is to simply run past them as often as possible. Move up the slope from there to find a bunch of zombies. Each of these, like the Sword of the Dragonclaw, does a good amount of damage to everything, and deals double damage to undead foes. Many more ghouls will come your way now, so be ready to either attack them or kick them off the bridge or into the spikes here.

Pretty handy at the moment, since even spellcasters will still be using weapons for most of their kills. Shields will block more attacks than simply parrying will, such as arrows flung your direction, but they will degrade over time as they get beat on.

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Begin by running down the hallway in front of you and grabbing the spider medallion from the altar there. Regardless of which way you choose to go in the end, you'll have points left over to dabble in other areas. The key will open the doorway nearby, which will let Percy into the building. If you do, then everyone in the room will attack you.

Killing them and heading down the ramp will reveal their grandma, a giant spider. The next hut onwards is the one that was barricaded earlier. Try to let her run onto the elevator before getting on yourself, then block the passage with your body before flipping the switch and getting on yourself.

If you want large amounts of mana, you'll have to invest in Magic Affinity. The Magic tree grants access to new spells. Break the chest for a Full Health potion. The next room is full of Zombies, as you might expect.

If you have enough points in Archery, then the Bow of the Dragonhorn will be more than enough to finish the beast off. Fight your way down through the Prayer Room. This Paokai is all that stands between you and your destiny. With that done, pass through the door, flip the switch, then use your sprint key to quickly move past the portcullis before it falls again. Climb the chain and jump through the hole to move on.

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If you want a couple of optional skill points, and it would be wise to get them, you can try your hand at fighting a cyclops in the large, open area at the end of the hall here. The first can be found after you fight off a Black Guard archer. He's not getting up after this. Use whatever means you have available to kill them off.

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The first large room you find will have a small altar with some potions and a very handy Ring of Regeneration. Begin by heading out to the rooftops, taking a right, then entering the window there. If you happened to keep Xana in your soul instead of bathing in the sacred blah blah blah, you'll have to fight Leanna and kill her before you're able to move on, you bad boy, you. This will cause the chandelier at the top of the room to swing down and hit any guards that get in its way. There are two ways to get into the building here after hitting the ground.

There are two paths to take here, one in the water, and one leading up the slope towards where the Orc was throwing the goblin into the pit. Watch your step if you want to nab this Plate Armor. Also note that disarming will allow you to automatically disarm any opponent when you win a locked-blades contest with them.

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Fueled by Xana's demonic power, Sareth wakes up alive and gains the power to transform into a demon, which grants him uncanny strength at the cost of health. Getting rid of her now will have no effect on whether or not you can achieve the good or evil ending to the game.

Across the way, another Telekinesis secret area can be located. Sareth wakes up to see Arantir, who takes the skull and then impales Sareth on a spike. When it kneels over again, though, queue up a power attack and finish it off once and for all. Just be sure to protect her and kick or kill anyone that attacks her.

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When an enemy is stunned, either by Charge or from getting kicked around too much, you can target them with any power strike to fling their weapons out of their hands. Telekinesis is expensive enough, mana-wise, to only be useable by serious mages as an offensive skill. Keep in mind that charm will end if you damage the charmed opponent, so be careful when firing arrows or spells into a melee involving one of your slaves. Head out to the docks and kick the soldier in front of you into the water. When all the enemies here are dead, head out to the next set of steps leading down.