Beast Shadow

There's quite a bit of info to get through, but there are some lovely descriptions. He may be gorgeous, but Finn was a total dickwad. Basic witch can master an element.

Personally, I'd like to see the author aiming higher. Creepy assholes who will likely get their comeuppance because it's Nenia. And my friendship with her has no impact on this review.

There was enough vulnerability to mitigate her harsher moments. Girl does crazy things, appears to suffer some kind of drug haze, shape shifts. This is the first book in the series, and as such, we get a taste of the secondary characters, but not enough to get fully invested in them. Basically the opposite of This is the second Nenia Campbell book I've read.

Alex travels to Kyoto to promote his successful detective story, that follows the same style of the Shundei Oe, but with a positive message instead. We'll see where this goes.

This book has a fucking amazing and original outlook of an overused concept in this genre. At times, they perform arcane rituals with the aid of evil humanoids and the use of dark materials.

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As I said above, it's mostly setup. She works in a bookstore and is a shifter! Because if it did I wouldn't be saying what I'm about to say. Usually when I finish reading a book, I wont rate it right away. There were several notes delineated in the margins.

Shadow Beasts


First and foremost, the info-dumping. So yes this one was not a success for me, but I still love this author as an author and as a human being who fucking rocks. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed. She's snarky, funny, witty, audacious, and she what she wants and how to get it. Like a big happy rainbow of plotline, which you follow across the sky.

For a list of other meanings, see Sky Shadow disambiguation. As I mentioned, I'm already done with book two as I'm writing this, and book three is waiting to be synced to my ipad. There were quite a few tropes that I hate way too much in abundance here. One may think that just because the two characters are of different genders, the distinction should be easy. Almost every single chapter had an info dump.

The story doesn't flow easily and is often quite choppy, losing the weight and context of the story. Even more awesome were the parts through the eyes of Finn, the witch, because they gave more insight into the world-building, which was my favourite part of the book. This book made me have the bookish version of that. Psycho witches such as Fin wants to capture her, because she breaks the rules and won't conform. Girl doesn't tell anyone about El Batto trying to kill her, and instead concerns herself with cricket dissection.

El Batto has some sex while thinking about the girl. Definitely recommend this one. If I don't like something, I lay it out there and try my best to explain it. Graymalkin, Finn's familiar, reminded me of another furry friend, Grim from The Iron King told you that cat was important.

Adventure in a Box

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Time and time again Nenia Campbell manages to write highly addictive books and they suck me in every time. In his underground detective novels, evil always prevails and Shundei Oe has never allowed anyone to see his face. Would you sympathize and pay for his coffee, since he has a lame job, or would you call him a loser and tell him to get his priorities straight? It's realistic for someone being around muggles and being unable to share her differences? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

By all means I should hate Finn, but I can't. Catherine grew on me because she is so independent and doesn't try to change for anyone.

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The shadow beast can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain. Because the action in the series definitely does pick up, and in light of that, the groundwork laid out in Black Beast is essential. Shadow beasts are seldom found in groups, but when they are, openoffice project planner they seem to have no difficulty or reluctance about operating and fighting together.

Almost shapeless and largely incorporeal, through an act of will they can form rough semblances of their old bodies when needed. Then we have Catherine's long time best friend but they had a falling out David pairing up in class and they soon become friends again. His only image available is a frightening picture on the back of his best-sellers. Nenia, girl, you did an amazing job!

All in all, a marvelous beginning to an interesting series. We get a good insight to Catherine's home life with her brother and parents. He is incredibly conflicted, and this made him a more sympathetic character if you can believe it.

Well I'd have to say this is what Nenia tried to do here. Not sure that that is the case here, but that is how it feels, in my opinion. They are able to travel to Hyrule by way of Twilight Portals created by Zant. This book, though, while obviously setting up for a series, did not deliver a story itself. Wolf Link battling a Shadow Beast.

He meets with his publisher, Ken Honda, from the publishing house Hakubunkan, and a geisha who knew the writer. Coffee flows through my veins like ichor. Well, welcome to a darker and more improved version! The truck turned into a car, then a truck, then back into a car again. Sincerely, A Broken Reader.

Shadow Beast