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Without You nobody can cool it down. We have come to Your door. The fire is burning everywhere in the world.

He is living within all, but we have not the eye to see. Others With a Similar Name. Assalaam Can u please send me the lyrics of Nabi ki nawase hossein ibni haider Please. We have come to your door-why don't you attach us to your feet? The Beloved One is obtained later on, but first one has to get his head cut.

Without you we don't have any one w h o could come save the burning ones. He needs support, prayers, best wishes from all you people. Aaja, aaja, aaja mere Kirpal Ji, dukhiya de sahare, Hai kaun jo bigari meri, takadir savare Come, come, come my beloved Kirpal Ji-the support of the suffering ones.

The Beautiful One is present within all, but no one has known His secret. In the day I spend my time looking at the road for You. Koi na jag vich reha sahara repeat kitho lab jaye pritam pyara repeat Aakhar taras piya nu aaya, dhan Kirpal Guru Ji No support was left in the world-from where could I get the dearly Beloved? Cause the rain of True Naam t o shower and cool the heated hearts.

Assa vaang musafir tur jaana, teri mehfil sada abaad rahe, kade do-chaar hanju dol lavi, jekar tenu saadi yaad rahe! He has come as the benefactor. Maya swindled and conquered you, and you forgot, you forgot. Jag dhund leya Sara mile koi na sahara repeat Teri bhal vich koi na dvara chhadeya, menu tere. Das Somanath dhyas me rahe nitt, aas eyk teri balak pit mat Phans kat diyo maya ji.

Our soul is dirty because of sins. Becoming Sawan You showered light. In your hand i s everyone's string-You placed the veil on us.

Your llght i s seen everywhere. He is famous in his country as well as in others. Tetho vichada ke aukhe ho rahe, din rati data ro rahe repeat Asi rakhiya aasa, teriya sadi, aas pujaja tu repeat Having become separated from you, we are suffering.

In the end you wrll repent when Yama hits you. All the songs have been sung at Sant Ji's ashram in India. Those who had Your darshan became intoxicated.

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Karam-kand me umar gujari, prit Naam se lai na Mari-masani raha pujta, andar jhati pai na Naam shabd bina kehe Mastana Ji, hira janam gavayega. Sacha soda kari le re tera, microsoft office 2011 for windows vista karja ho gya mota repeat.

Within whose heart the love of the Guru will come, for him the door of Sach Khand will be opened. You liberate us from attachment and Maya, and making us meditate on Naam You take us across and put us on the Path of Sach Khand. In the skin the breath is filled.

Duniya vich bhambar bhakh rahe, agni vich jiv hai mach rahe repeat Data taras karo ji, aanke, phera paja tu repeat In the world the fires are burning. Even my fate has wept very bitterly over my plight.

The sangat has come together to congratulate Gulab Devi and to celebrate the bhandara of Kirpal. Vah vah sab duniya te hoi, dar tere bina mile na dhoi Ajaib lad phadiye Kirpal datare da, aao darshan.

Sifta n a hon teriya, jake vich pardesa de chhaya Pahara diya chotiya te, Naam Sawan da chamkaya Nur tera dise har tha, Satnaam da jap karave. You have experienced a great loss. Sawan vasiya phul ta tahek rahe, same same sir aake mahek rahe.

Otherwise Kal will enslave you. The moon has risen and its rays are smiling. You fulfilled my desires of the past.

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He always kept distributing the gifts ot Naam. Obeying the orders of the Lord, He makes them drink the cup of Nectar. May I not forget You my Satguru. Jihna sade nal wandaye dukh oh yaar sade, jihna ne ditte dukh ohna lai v jaan hazir hai. We have come to Your door-give us the darshan.

Shoot the arrow of grace in our hearts. You became Intoxicated in the pleasures and Maya deluded you. You can do everything, You are all-conscious. Karo Kirpal Ji puri icheya, Ajaib nu pavo bhicheya Ban aaya tere darda jogi, jangla cha haka marde. We changed to many different forms.

We are afraid and terrified. Folding both my hands, I am pleading to You. But Ajaib wants only Kirpal, as He has obeyed the things which are true. Yad teri aave sohnya jado sharan teri vich behende Tan man hove ujla jad bol mithre sun lende repeat both Dasa kinu dil pholke tere aage vaste pava. Tere Naam ne banae raje jogi, jangla cha haka marde Your Naam has made the kings become yogis and wander in the forest.

Release our soul trom the cage of Kal. Becoming a doctor, cure the suffering ones. Sacha bhagwan aaya, Bande da chola paya repeat Naam di dat sachi, Muphat lutayi jave repeat The True Lord has come, and has put on the garment of man. Ik na likhi mere, Satguru da vichora Bhave chut jae Sara, sansar likh de, Mere hirde vich gura da, pyar likh de. He Himself recognizes His own souls.

In the day I have no peace and at night I get no rest. One has to sigh cold sighs.