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Practice Now s-block Elements. Any wrong response to any question used to get penalised by negative marking. Practice Now Solids and Semiconductor Devices. Theory of Equations Practice Now. Trigonometric Ratios and Identities Practice Now.

Practice Now Chemical Thermodynamics. Practice Now Heat and Thermodynamics.

Respected sir, percy jackson the last olympian I need aieee B. Previous year question of aieee? Binomial Theorem Practice Now. Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism Practice Now.

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Practice Now Straight Lines. Practice Now Vectors Motions.

Practice Now Atomic Structure. Practice Now Sets, Relations and Functions. Practice Now Biomolecules. Atomic Structure Practice Now.

But the year saw a change in pattern was changed and both the paper became objective type. Chemical Kinetics Practice Now.

Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Computer, Biology. Practice Now Permutation and Combination. Practice Now Trigonometric Ratios and Identities. Practice Now Work Energy Power. Environmental Chemistry Practice Now.

Three Dimensional Geometry Practice Now. For more features, download TestMyPrep. Practice Now Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives.

Sets, Relations and Functions Practice Now. Candidates can apply for any or for both the papers.

It is best to practice these papers in a timed environment. Equal weightage is accorded to the three sections on physics, chemistry and maths, in terms of questions, as have been seen from the past years papers. Nuclear Chemistry Practice Now. Three hours are given for each paper. This exam is usually organized on the last Sunday of April and its result is declared in the Last week of May or first week of June.

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Home My Study Center Courses. Continuity and Differentiability Practice Now. Current Electricity Practice Now. Practice Now Sequences and Series. Eligibility Medium Valid Till No.

This paper is meant for B. Practice Now Binomial Theorem.

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Practice Now Three Dimensional Geometry. Surface Chemistry Practice Now. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

It is intended to help students to know their comparative scores and rank against the best brains across the nation. Entrance Exams - Education and Career in India. The first paper consists of questions of equal weight from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. That means half of the work is already done. Physics of Nucleus Practice Now.

Practice Now Transition Elements d and f block. Properties of Triangles Practice Now. Practice Now Electrostatics. And those who want to take admission in B.

AIEEE Previous Years Papers with Solutions

The main motive of the Aptitude Test is to evaluate the perception, creativity, observation, imagination, and architectural awareness of the candidate. Practice Now Matrices Determinants. Coordination Compounds Practice Now. Questions will be answered on our Forum section.

In the Aptitude Paper, drawing based questions have been asked. Matrices Determinants Practice Now. Tech courses students have to take up Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and for B.

Practice Now p-block Elements. The second paper consists of Mathematics, Aptitude Test and also Drawing. Atomic Models Practice Now.

PDF DOWNLOAD AIEEE 2002-2012 Previous Year Papers with solutions

PDF DOWNLOAD AIEEE 2002-2012 Previous Year Papers with solutions

Practice Now Definite Integration. The questions have only one correct answer out of the four options given. Ionic Equilibrium Practice Now. Activate your Account by verifying your email address, for this check your email-id given during registration for activation link and click on it.