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What do the Eagles and krautrock have in common? Makes it easier to find stuff in my library.

It was a cinematic rescue mission, saving this fantastic, Moroder-produced track him again from its origin. The accompanying album for this Molly Ringwald vehicle was filled with tunes by cult Brit faves like New Order and the Smiths. No Rome, Elohim, and more. Annie Lennox and Al Green.

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Cowritten by Albert Hammond Sr. Great to have a site that helps to take you back to the good old days. Jack and Diane is possibly the worst song ever sung or written by that Springsteen Wannabe Mellenhead! Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Buckingham was perhaps the first bedroom musician working in the multiplatinum mainstream.

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Always a party starter and roof-igniting karaoke jam, the song become a bittersweet rallying cry in the years since her death. You can also manage your settings. Raaga app is a great way to download and listen to your music and shows. The decade began with a backlash against disco music in the United States, and a movement away from the orchestral arrangements that had characterized much of the music of the s.

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Oh how I long for those days again when things were simple and the music was great. Save Playlist Clear Close. These evaluation recordings are non-commercial low-fi copies kbps. We defy your feet to stay on the floor as that cyclical, cynical, irresistible chorus hurtles on. This tag consists of music first released in this time frame.

And Judd Nelson has to somehow become okay with being Judd Nelson. Mellencamp, feel free to avoid him. Overview Most Popular Discover. The sleeper hit of the Footloose soundtrack, it took No. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now.

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This jam was better than anything on those other two soundtracks, bringing together rap icons Run-D. The song resonates with me since my dad served in Vietnam. Pairing beautiful actors Richard Gere and Debra Winger in a smoldering romantic drama amounts to a no-brainer, so it's no surprise that An Officer and a Gentleman amounted to big box office. Are you sure to clear the playlist?

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Perfect for a movie of pretty college-age preppies with junk, gigoloing and emptiness swimming behind their pearly teeth. Love Of The Common People. The movie bombed, partly because it could hardly live up to the expectations set forth by its brilliant theme.

Two of Hearts John Mitchell. It was thought provoking in that the songs main theme was something that direclty affected our family.

Ride Like the Wind Christopher Cross. My best and wonderful years. All by himself, underrated hit-maker Eric Carmen delivers the magic and then some. To accept the award, Prince wore a sparkly purple cape, and brought Lisa and Wendy with him to the stage.

So potent was the song that the film was renamed Crazy for You in the U. Jennifer Beals in spandex?

Foolish Beat Debbie Gibson. Disco really killed disco! The world, however, will only remember him as the guy that soundtracked the ass gymnastics of Jennifer Beals. The video is surprisingly dark, depicting office work as dystopian slavery. Let us rejoice that good sense prevailed, and Ray Parker Jr.

Who knew that welding could be so damn sexy? This would be his last commercial chart hit, almost willfully.

That Midas of pop music, Giorgio Moroder, had his golden fingers all over this track, so it should surprise no one that its English and French versions topped the charts all over Europe that year. Demi Moore is too coked-up to avoid sleeping with married men. Who cares that no one can remember which Back to the Future scene this smash single appears in? The songs of the Fleetwood Mac guitarist always exuded a youthful, homespun charm, as he stacked his clean, busy guitar picking and boyish vocals into giddy, nostalgic shuffles. When you commission Bowie to pen your cinematic theme, he is more likely to follow his own muse.

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Every time I walked into a club and heard the greatest music ever, it was a blast! Unlimited Music Anytime, Anywhere. Glad to know that there are more people still notice the most peaked music era. The sweetest moment hits just after the five minute mark, when Swayze actually mouths the words to the song, just like your actual boyfriend would. The lyrics describe a couple making love as nuclear bombs fall, itunes software for ipod touch 4g which we think Randy would have been pretty into.

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Electronic Folk International. As a Gen-xer these songs were the soundtrack of my early life! You hear Jonathan Cain's piano intro, and you either swell up with joy or wince in pain. You just have to listen to the right kind and rapture by Blondie is one of the first rap songs ever made besides sugarhill gangs rappers delight Post a Reply.