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Benton is grateful, and reminds Jack that he doesn't have to go anywhere near the embassy. Ike hands the boy a machete, and tells him to kill the man. The film was written by executive producer Howard Gordon and was directed by Jon Cassar. He prepares to download all the private financial records he stole from Nichols.

Chris is barely listening to the man, and hangs up abruptly after taking out some prescription pills. His embassy aide interrupts with a call from Carl Benton. Their officer reports to Colonel Dubaku that the people are gone, but they most likely are following the river. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

Ideas included airing webisodes or mobisodes. After an emotional struggle, Jack gives in.

Once the agent leaves, Chris slowly gets out his confession that he helped his boss Nichols launder some money. Now walking with her husband, Allison expresses shock that Daniels ordered the evacuation from Sangala without her input.

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Jack hands him the pistol, and he parts ways. Jack pretends to break down, and whimpers that the boys are hiding in the spot where Benton is waiting in ambush. She recites the oath of office, while Jack and the boys in Sangala are loaded onto a chopper. He states that Senator Taylor will be meeting with President Daniels to discuss final details for the transition before she will be sworn in as the first female President.

He makes his way to a room, where he takes a bag from under a bed. As Jack leaves, Willie arrives and surmises that Jack is departing.

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We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Jack stops him, and explains why Mr. They all leave, and Benton almost immediately hears the Colonel approaching behind.

Suddenly, Jack barely spots a glinting light. He opens it and takes out a knife, pockets it, and then stares at a woman's scarf. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

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Jack hears the explosion and realizes that Benton is dead. Carl shows that he understands Jack's pain, but Jack refuses further help. Based on this un-fun movie, I would say yesterday. He doesn't seem to care about Jack now that Benton is dead, and turns to go. Willie knows that Jack is leaving, and enthusiastically offers to come with him.

24 Redemption

Redemption was nominated for a Golden Globe as well as five Emmy Awards. Redemption Critics Consensus No consensus yet.

Outside the office, in a busy corporate bullpen, Chris Whitley is on the phone with someone named John about a bad business transaction. Willie meets his injured brother outside. Ramba felt an emotional connection with Sutherland during filming, and believes their friendship shows through onscreen.

Redemption does set some nice, bouncy balls rolling for January. However, Dubaku's face springs to life, his eyes open wide. He alludes to the exceedingly complex nature of the Presidency and the responsibilities she will take on. As Jack and the boys are flown to safety in the last American chopper, window media player latest version the gate breaks and a huge crowd floods the embassy.

Dubaku insists, and the general finally gives him permission. Hodges wants it eliminated. At the United States embassy, Frank Trammell turns down a desperate mother who wants to save her baby and herself from Juma, who will certainly have them killed.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. He is totally unmoved by any of Jack's pleas to keep him out of this. The American flag is lowered from the flagpole. Chris becomes increasingly nervous, and is unable to answer simple questions from the man about the files.

Cheers erupt around him, and the boy hacks down once more. As he enters the office, Hodges leaves with his assistant, and Chris is perplexed.

As the boys play football, Desmond grabs the ball which had been thrown by another boy. They disagree completely on the topic, and she becomes very disturbed to hear that Daniels has even ordered the evacuation of their embassy. Roger is interrupted by a call. He is seen holding a federal subpoena for Jack Bauer. Hodges asks Dubaku to put General Juma on the line when he arrives.

Benton is able to ambush the remaining soldiers, and Bauer kills the leader, Youssou Dubaku Zolile Nokwe. In the city, Jack Bauer and Thomas discuss their plan, and Willie learns that Benton was killed earlier. He agrees to send Roger the evidence in an email within the hour. He refuses to surrender the location of the boys. Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket.

Adriana Du Toit Paul Silkstone. They are killed with three shots. However, President-Elect Taylor is sworn in before the top of the hour. Benton is waiting as the men approach.

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